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DVD replication / CD duplication / CD replication

CDs ad DVDs are used extensively to store valuable data due to their powerful characteristics. CDs have a storage capacity of about 700MB and DVDs can save data upto 4.7GB. There are primarily two methods of transferring data to DVDs and CDs.  One is by way of duplication and the other by replication. Many people consider the two terms to be synonymous; however, they are entirely distinct.

Distinction between DVD Duplication and DVD Replication

CD Duplication: The method of copying data from one DVD or CD to another using a drive with writing capability is known as cd duplication or most often referred to as ‘burning’. A large number of companies burn the data stored on the hard drive using in-house towers. It comprises of a hard disc, 21 target drives, and software to perform the control task. A few towers also consist of disc magazines that have the capacity to hold 50-100 discs. Some towers come along with robotic arms that enable the specialist to carry out the entire task of burning without physically performing the function. DVD duplication is preferred for creating less than a 1000 discs.

CD Replication: This process involves the cloning or replication of the original master. It involves the making of a glass master out of which a set of stampers are created. The next step consists of mounting the stampers into the injection mold machine that creates the replica of the mold. A thin layer of aluminum is applied on the disc which is then lacquered and hardened with UV heat. This procedure is ideal if your order is for the production of more than a 1000 discs. DVD replication offers 14 times extra storage as compared to CD ROMs. Data can be replicated on one or both sides of a DVD.

There are numerous CD replication service providers available over the Internet and exercising choice from among them is indeed a daunting task. Direct Marketing Advantage (DMA) has a team of knowledgeable staff who can provide you with useful information regarding the duplication and replication of DVDs and CDs. We are one of the leading replication companies in the world and provide simple and cost effective solutions to our clients. We specialize in offering customized products and services to our customers by bringing their digital masters to households all over the world using versatile and affordable disc mediums. We also specialize in the production of commercial DVDs. We remain focused and understand the specific requirements of our clients.  DMA is the perfect destination for bulk high-quality DVD and CD duplication and DVD/CD Replication. So if you are looking to stay ahead of the competition log onto our website



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