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Loyalty Programs are essential for the
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Plastic loyalty cards and business cards are increasingly gaining popularity. They are becoming the preferred choice to be presented as promotional gifts. Companies are coming up with more and more innovative ideas for plastic cards with magnetic stripe, barcodes and microships. Plastic cards serve as a great advertising tool. Loyalty cards are also known as discount cards or membership cards. They enable the recipient to receive a special discount on purchase. Loyalty cards, in the normal course, are given to the customers who are either regular visitors of your store or make frequent use of your company products. Such customers are indeed special and deserve to be given a privilege. Loyalty cards work wonders in creating a good impression on the minds of your valued customers.

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Business cards help to strengthen the business relations. They can be given to any person who either has a stake in the organization or has made a contribution in furthering the business. Business cards can be presented at any point of time and do not need a specific occasion. Whenever you come across your business partners or other business persons, just give away your business card to them. Ensure that the business card has a fabulous visual display. Anything that appeals to the eye has an ability to generate a better impact. Gone are the days when business cards and loyalty cards had nothing great to offer. Today, the plastic cards have got an independent identity and are seen as a specialized business. There are numerous business card providers in the market.

Quality is of paramount importance. You cannot afford to compromise on that. Quality can make or mar the impression of your company. An inferior quality plastic card can become a cause of embarrassment and at the same time lead to loss of business. It is best to go for a customized business card that can provide you a platform to reach out to the people who can render valuable services for your business such as suppliers, creditors and shareholders. Your message must stand out and have a clear visibility, otherwise the very purpose of presenting the business card will get defeated.

Direct Marketing Advantage (DMA) has been engaged in the business of offering promotional products and services. We have a team of experts that give highest priority to customer satisfaction. We offer a complete range of products and services that enable you to carve a niche in the business market. For seeking more information on our unique product line, visit

Using proven methodologies and tools, we can produce the best quality products and quantify the value that can be realised from using these product as a direct marketing tool.
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