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CD Replication and CD Duplication

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So what is the difference between CD Replication and Duplication?

DVD replication or CD replication is typically more expensive than duplication on smaller production runs, but quicky becomes economical on much larger orders. Replication, for example, is the method used by factories to mass produce music albums or the latest Hollywood DVD film.

With DVD replication or CD replication, a glass DVD master copy is created and used at the manufacturing stage to produce copies. The DVDs are manufactured with the data already ingrained upon them, carrying a direct copy of the engravings on the master cd's glass surface.

DVD Duplication however involves "burning" or copying the information from an existing DVD onto another, already made blank DVD. To repeat: With DVD or CD Replication, the DVD or CD is already created with the informatioin on it. With DVD Duplication, blank dvds are purchased and then the information is engraved upon them in a process known as "burning".

The fact that DVD Duplication involves two stages (finding or making blank cd's and then burning) whereas DVD Replication (creating copies of your master dvd in one) involves only one, means that DVD Replication is a far quicker option. However, with the added efficiency and quality comes a cost and so DVD Replication is only usually recommended for runs of over 500 copies.

DVD or CD Replication companies generally produce a more professional finished product and often include "finishing touches" such as individual dvd cases and covers to make it easy to mass produce your dvd movie or audio cd. Although, if you are aiming to do DVD Replication cheaply then you may want to consider a "no frills" approach, purchasing the copied cds and assembling a cover and case youself, by hand. This is time consuming, but DVD Replication can be expensive and so for some, it's a must.

So overall, should you chose DVD Replication or DVD Duplication? It depends on the amount of time and money you have as well as the size of the project. For large, professional projects with moderate budgets then DVD Replication is recommended for efficiency and the professional touch. For smaller projects, DVD Duplication is the way to go providing a few hundred copies of your master DVD or CD cheaply.




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