DVD Manufacturing Equipment

Do you know how the DVD duplication process takes place? Because of the high demand for DVDs in our current time, practically every person has had a DVD replicated either for his personal use or for his company’s or organization’s business purposes. If you’ve experienced hiring a company for your bulk DVD duplication needs, you should know that the DVD copies that you receive undergo several steps before being released in their market form. In fact, unlike what many people assume, replicating DVDs is not a simple endeavour. It requires diligent hands, high grade materials, careful adherence to quality control standards, and top rate equipment.

The apparatus that is used in the DVD duplication process is a lot more complicated compared to run-of-the-mill DVD Duplication. The latter can be easily done by any individual in his or her own home with only a DVD-R writeable drive. Feel free to view the pictures below to find out more about the high class of machinery that we utilize in our DVD and CD duplication procedures.

Our company believes that good trees bear good fruits. Hence, we at Earth First Infotec Ltd. are proud to say that we have acquired and utilized the most groundbreaking and efficient machinery in replicating DVDs and CDs. Our injection-mould machines, DVD bounding machines, and 5-colored silkscreen printing machines, among several others, are among the finest equipment available in the industry. So your DVDs and CDs are guaranteed to be completely formed in our high grade factories. Great equipment and great people means superb products!

Custom Shape Discs

Using regular CDs and DVDs that are bought from your neighbourhood media shop can get boring. If you want to let your individuality show, you can invest in custom shaped CDs and DVDs. Using a specially shaped CD or DVD is a valuable device in producing a good impression on people and making yourself pleased as well. This is particularly useful for those in the business sector, for marketing teams, for small enterprises, new organizations, and even individuals who simply want to stand out from the rest of the crowd. CDs and DVDs that have custom shapes enhance the stylishness and add a dash of imagination to what are often ordinary names, groups, or labels.

Our company is proud of being able to replicate practically all shapes – from square, rectangular, T-shirt, rugby-ball, to teddy-bear, and more. Your imagination is the limit. The customized CD and DVD sizes are your perfect choice for marketing materials, promotional paraphernalia, special items, company profiles, and whatever else you wish to enhance.

Our company can create a customized shape for your CD or DVD that matches your needs and preferences. We create the shape for every disc using infrared-equipped tools in order to guarantee a constant cut. This produces the best balance and playability.

Storage Capacity:

Earth First Infotec Ltd.’s shape designed, die-cut CDs and DVDs have a storage capacity that is based on their circular diameter. We have a chart that illustrates the capacity of the customized CDs and DVDs according to their diameter.

CD and DVD Business Cards

Just why would you want business card CDs and DVDs customized? For a lot of reasons. Earth First Infotec Ltd.’s custom-made business card CDs and DVDs are perfect for:

  • Presentations
  • Training
  • Sales catalogues
  • Business profiles
  • Resumes and CVs

Tailor-made business card CDs and DVDs serve as solid and modern marketing tools! In this very competitive age of digital technology, you must do everything you can to stand apart from the rest. That’s where customized business card CDs and DVDs can help a huge deal. They are not only pleasing to the eyes but also professional and handy.

You may utilize either novel content or familiar ones to create your very own Business card CD/DVD/Mini CD. Whichever it may be, it is surely a handy and effective method of transferring information minus the mass and troubles associated with hard copy materials or the regular CD/DVD sizes.

We could reduce the mini CD/DVD to business card size whatever shape you want it to be in order to suit your needs. Whether it’s square, round, oval, and many others—we can do it! The quantity of information that could be transmitted shall be based on your mini CD/DVD’s preferred shape and size. The mini CD is able to contain a maximum of 60 MB, whereas the mini DVD has a maximum capacity of 500MB.

That’s not the end of it. We also package and finalize products. In fact, we provide a vast array of envelopes, folders, and pouches, as well as use various materials for these.