About Us

Our company is a global pioneer in the field of CD and DVD replication. Our clients in Australia, New Zealand, and Taiwan can attest to our quick and professional DVD and CD replication and packaging. We assure our international clients a high quality of work in all of our offices.

We at Earth First Infotec Ltd. do our utmost in providing top-rate dvd manufacturing outputs. We do this by maintaining a high level of management, administration, customer service, and other operation practices. We are proud of our dedicated compliance to industry standards and processes in all aspects of our trade. It is our goal to be known for our superior products and services, as well as the best value for all our clients.

Earth First Infotec aims to be known as the top supplier of media throughout the world. We are always achieving our mission by meeting and surpassing people’s needs. We abide with Total Quality Management to ensure daily growth in every area of our trade.

We provide a wide choice of merchandise, thus allowing our company to satisfy people’s distinct requirements. This also maintains our standing as one of the best in the audio and video replication industry. We produce a minimum of 1,000 and more than 1 million CDs and DVDs. We specialize in bulk DVD production and reproduction of media because we assure our clients of unsurpassed quality of products with the most competitive rates.

Thanks to our many years of success in CD and DVD production and duplication, we produce superb products using high-grade materials. Our fees are low and our turn-around time is short: it takes only 9-15 working days for us to produce at least 50,000 units. Contact us immediately to know more about our services.