CD Packaging

There are a great deal of packaging choices for you when deciding how to package your production for distribution.  From standard “jewel Case” choices right through to the point of difference created by the our shaped mini discs. I you require large numbers for your product you may even qualify for a custom shape to be cut especially for you. Light weight choices all the way to the exclusive Digipac for that special top of the line look and feel for your CD release.

Please see below for the many packaging options and feel free to contact us if you would like to talk with one of our consultants about further custom options for your CD release.

CD Digipak CD Jewel Case CD PVC Wallet
CD Clamshell Case CD Sleeve with Insert CD Custom Mini Shapes
CD Non Woven Sleeve CD Square Clamshell CD Paper Sleeve
CD Mini Business Card CD Slimline Case CD Mini Jewel Case