Custom Shape Discs

Using regular CDs and DVDs that are bought from your neighbourhood media shop can get boring. If you want to let your individuality show, you can invest in custom shaped CDs and DVDs. Using a specially shaped CD or DVD is a valuable device in producing a good impression on people and making yourself pleased as well. This is particularly useful for those in the business sector, for marketing teams, for small enterprises, new organizations, and even individuals who simply want to stand out from the rest of the crowd. CDs and DVDs that have custom shapes enhance the stylishness and add a dash of imagination to what are often ordinary names, groups, or labels.

Our company is proud of being able to replicate practically all shapes – from square, rectangular, T-shirt, rugby-ball, to teddy-bear, and more. Your imagination is the limit. The customized CD and DVD sizes are your perfect choice for marketing materials, promotional paraphernalia, special items, company profiles, and whatever else you wish to enhance.

Our company can create a customized shape for your CD or DVD that matches your needs and preferences. We create the shape for every disc using infrared-equipped tools in order to guarantee a constant cut. This produces the best balance and playability.

Storage Capacity:

Earth First Infotec Ltd.’s shape designed, die-cut CDs and DVDs have a storage capacity that is based on their circular diameter. We have a chart that illustrates the capacity of the customized CDs and DVDs according to their diameter.

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