Duplication or Replication

A lot of people do not know that DVD/CD Replication is different from DVD/CD Duplication. While replication and duplication may be used interchangeably for most things, when it comes to DVDs, they are two different things.

You need to know the difference between the two in order to make the correct choice: to replicate or to duplicate. Each project may need to be either replicated or duplicated based on several factors: the number of units you need, your preferred turnaround time, and the attribute of the product that you wish to have.

Data capacities are from 700MB on a CD to around 4.7GB on a DVD, but may be enlarged through ‘overburn’ practices and novel technologies that utilize a second recordable layer (‘dual layer’), which enlarge capacity up to 8.5GB. HD DVD provides a maximum data storage of 50GB. Hence, precise and quick data transfer and copying systems are crucial.

There are two options for DVD and CD production. They are duplication and replication.

• Duplication: Often called “burning”, is the method of copying the contents of a CD or DVD to another disc through a drive with write faculties. This is ideal for burn runs of fewer than 1,000 units. Most corporations burn data using in-house towers, that have a maximum of 21 target drives, a hard disk where the original source files are preserved, and the software to manage these. A few towers also involve robotic arms and disc magazines that are able to maintain 25, 50, and even 100 discs, so that the entire burning process may go on by itself.

• Replication: Meanwhile, this is a process that replicates or clones the original master. To do this, a glass master is created, and then a set of moulds or stampers are formed from it. Stampers are afterwards placed in an injection-mould machine where a replica of the mold is fashioned from. After that, the disc is covered with a skinny and reflective sheet of aluminum. Lastly, a protective lacquer is spun to the disc and made hard using ultraviolet light. Replication is usually best for producing more than 1,000 units.

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