DVD and CD Packaging

Earth First Infotec offers many CD and DVD packaging choices for our loyal clients. Some types of packaging are suited for mailing, others for storage, and some for aesthetic purposes.

• View our DVD Packaging.

• View our CD Packaging.

Our regular packaging is the ordinary CD jewel case and DVD case, which both conform to audio and video norms. Otherwise, we offer the slim jewel case, clam shell, ejector case, and plastic wallet. There exists a handful of packaging choices for disc manufacturing.

And if you couldn’t find what you need on those two galleries, we can also utilize special moulds, tools, and formats to create that special design for you (requires minimum order). Whatever material, size, shape, and finish – including matt or gloss laminated, paper board, blister pack, foil bag, tin can, wood, and metal… we have it all for you.

Just describe what you need, and we’ll turn it to reality. Show us your design, or tell your idea, to any of our account managers and we’ll work out a plan. We will make mock-ups for you.

Our packaging choices consist of (but is not limited to) the following:

• CD jewel case/PP case.

• Super jewel box.

• Paper sleeve.

• Cardboard sleeve.

• Plastic sleeve.

• DVD Case

• Digi pack.

• DVD and CD mailers.

• Printed card wallets.

• Slip cases.

• Mailpacks.

• 3 packs.

• Customized pack design.