DVD Manufacturing

DVD duplication lets you store up to 14 times more data than a regular CD-ROM. Starting at 4.7 (DVD 5) up to 17 Gigabytes. Earth First Infotec Ltd. can replicate DVD with data on a single or on both sides, as well as create a “dual-level” (DVD 9) DVD to maximize the disc’s capacity.

If you need:

Economical rates for bulk DVD Duplication.

DVD production for your business.

Bulk DVD Production (1000 units or more)

• To know about how CD and DVD manufacturing takes place, click here.

Competent people to advise you about media duplication.

Quick delivery of products.

Creating bulk quantities is our expertise. We can create 1,000 – 5 million units, and more! If you need DVD Duplication services, you know you can count on us.

We lead you through the DVD Duplication job so that you’re assured of the best.

The DVD Duplication services of Earth First Infotec Ltd. is most suited to bulk DVD delivery. We can create as many units as you wish.

DVD Duplication is the ideal method of reproducing at least 1,000 DVDs. Our company utilizes a glass master to create molds (i.e., stampers). Every DVD is duplicated with a stamper, hence creating the best DVD copy at the most affordable cost.

We provide these DVD formats:

• DVD5 – one layer of data on a single disc side.

• DVD9 – two layers of data on a single disc side.

• DVD10 – one layer of data on each of the two disc sides. This disc is ideal if both PAL and NTSC formats are needed on a single disc.

• HD and Blueray

We have many DVD presentation choices (from basic card mailers to jewel-effect cases) for everyone.