Eco Pen Drives

These days’ eco friendly flash drives are gaining much popularity. The casings of these drives are attractively made from recycled cardboard. The benefits of recycled cardboard are its durability and shock resistant nature. They are safe to the environment as they are biodegradable with no harmful residues. These USB flash drives are made of cardboard material which would have been dumped into landfills had they not been used to manufacture these devices. Once piled in landfills, these materials would only contribute in harming the environment.

There are some more eco friendly flash drives as well, of which casings are made of bamboo which is another environment friendly material. Even recycled plastics are used sometimes to manufacture Eco Friendly Flash Drives.

Very popular among the promotional gifts list are the eco friendly flash drives. If you want something that is highly technological at the same time eco friendly, then we have got just the right product for you, with our Eco Friendly Flash Drives. Eco friendly flash drives are not different from the other non-eco-friendly drives in terms of use, but it is their casing that makes the huge difference, being safe to the environment.

At SES, we always strive hard to conserve our environment, so we always encourage using eco friendly products. There is no doubt that you too are conscious about this and hence we have come up with this range of products.

Although the casing is made of recycled paper products, the quality is never compromised and they are actually as strong as metal or plastic casings. Presently we have a limited selection of basic units, but we will soon bring to you more products that are sustainable using recycled products.

E401 E402
E401 Available in Original Recycled Paper Colour E402 Available in Original Recycled Paper Colour