New Pen Drive Designs

A myriad of original designs are available to choose from: small and beautifully formed; these great looking drives will carry your brand into the market with style and affordability. Fantastic colours and shapes make our branded USB pen drive a pleasure to own and to use. These drives not only look great but also maintain high standards of reliability, usability, and data protection. Up to 30 Mbps data transfer rate, fully compatible with USB 2.0 and USB 1.1, these drives have the convenience of “hotswap” technology which enables the drive to be plugged in and removed from the computer without being shutdown. It is both PC and Mac compatible.

We define USB pen drive as something provided with a tiny printed circuit board coupled with a connector. This basic unit is enclosed in a protective case made of plastic, metal, or rubber. These days with continuously advancing technologies, we have exclusive USB pen drives commercially available in almost every shape or size.

Our Exclusive USB pen drive designs range from the very basic as four cornered case to some fabulous designs with vibrant colors and eye catching shapes to satisfy a wide range of people’s taste. The most widely used USB pen drive design consists of a rectangular case. This is the style preferred by consumers looking for a USB pen drive having simple and elegant storage device. But some people want to add an element of fun while saving some of the most important details to literally bear with them as they travel, so come storage devices having sophisticated and dazzling style and appearance. These are the ones preferred by people who want to carry their style in every bit possible in their pocket, those who want to express their self through their belongings.

SE09 SE08
SE09 Available only in White SE08 Available only in White
SE06 SE05
SE06 Available in Black White & Blue SE05 Available only in Blue
SE04 SE03
SE04 Avaiable in Black or Blue SE03 Available in Orange Blue & Green
SE02 SE01
SE02 Available in White Black Silver Blue Pink & Purple SE01 Available in Black or White
SE10 SE11
SE10 Available in Black or White SE11 Available in Black or White
SE12 Available in Black or White