New USB Pen Drives

Today’s USB pen drives are dominating the world with their eye catching designs and vibrant colors. Not only do they look attractive but also are reliable and functional. The capacity of these drives varies from 1 GB up to 32 GB suitable for each one’s specific requirements. The data transfer rate is 30 MB/s and they are compatible with USB 1.1 and 2.0. These USB pen drives do not need external power as it is powered by a USB bus. These are just plug-and-play drives with superior data retention, durability, and extra storage. You can get a customized USB pen drive by printing your company’s logo and details to present as a promotional gift to your clients. It will create a long-lasting impression on their minds as they are both trendy and long-lasting. Your customers will remember your company for the great service it provides by looking at it.

Nowadays eco-friendly USB pen drives are available which are gaining more popularity. These types of USB pen drives provide great benefits to the customers with their excellent technology and environment sustainable solutions. The USB pen drives we manufacture have casing made up of recycled cardboard which is as strong as metal or plastic. Currently, we have a small range of basic units displayed. In the near future, we will be coming out with other sustainable products as well.

There is a beautiful range of USB pen drives available with us. It is sure you will be attracted towards their vibrant colors and designs that are eye catching. You can give a try by owning our slim USB pen drives which are fantastic with their extra slim looks.

SWEOS3/G Available in Silver & Gold SE13 White Black Blue Green Purple Orange
SE14 SE15
SE14 Available in Black& Red SE15 Available in White & Blue
SE16 SE17
SE16 Available in White Green Black & Blue SE17 Available in Red
SE18 SE19
SE18 Available in White and Black SE19 Available in White Blue Pink Green & Purple