Quality Control

Earth First Infotec Ltd. prioritizes the quality and safety of your project throughout every step of the manufacturing process and disc packaging – from the time you avail our services up to the time we deliver your product. In fact, if you scan the “Ordering Process” table below, you can observe the many quality checks that we have put in place to ensure that the complete process goes according to plan.

Examine Your Uploaded Master using HashCalcs.

When you upload a master image of the task you need into our server, we utilize specific “HashCalc” software to guarantee seamless data transmission. The software produces a “checksum” or “digital signature” that is specific to the client’s disc image. The checksum is afterwards transmitted to our industrial unit along with a print of the digital master image that you gave. The production manager will now operate his own “HashCalc” and contrast the two. When differences exist, the checksums would each be totally unique, which means that an error occurred.

When you give a physical disc as the master, this would be verified by the Laser Beam Recorder or LBR machine. The LBR goes through the information so that it’s all correct before the process continues. If the LBR already verified your disc as perfect, we will then produce the glass master disc. This would serve as the basis for creating new discs or duplicates.