Slim Pen Drives

Ultra Slim USB Pen Drives are immensely useful for people who are always on the move, that is, people who usually travel by air, speaking in more specific terms. These Ultra Slim USB Pen Drives are characterised with numerous benefits and the most prominent ones include high speed, a reliable drive, and great data retention capacity, apart from the fact that it has a small size and is quite light in weight. There are slim USB pen drives that are commercially available in varying hues and designs: these tiny devices can enhance effectively your business to the clients and customers that you look forward as your potential clientele. The Ultra Slim USB Pen Drives can have an appealing logo and brand name that shall help in promoting your business.

Ultra Slim USB Pen Drives have become extremely useful for data storage: a magnificent device that is very slim and includes a portable framework. This exponentially improves its appeal as it has an ultra compact size and low weight. The primary features of these Ultra Slim USB Pen Drives will embed the feature of transferring your specific experiences at any moment of your life. The salient features of Ultra Slim USB Pen Drives are compact size and easy operation. And is available at quite suitable prices, a must buy!

Ultra Slim USB Pen Drives are very slim and are just 7.5 mm thick. They never weigh more than 10 g when they are available in a super miniaturised structure. The important designs are quite unique in the sense that these could be a strap-hole that could be used as an additional hooking for a mobile phone or they could also be a key chain. These are commercially available in different shades, making it quite attractive in terms of style and appeal. The other important feature is an elegant slider. In short, we declare that our Slim USB pen drives are: truly slim, miniature design, decent and expedient to carry and alongside are an easy plug and a play feature.

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#997 Available in Blue and Pink #996 Available in Black
-995 -994
#995 Available in Silver Only #994 Available in Pink & Transparent
#989 Available in White Black Red Purple and Blue